AMIA (the American Medical Informatics Association) is the center of action for more than 4,000 health care professionals, informatics researchers, and thought-leaders in biomedicine, health care and science. AMIA is an unbiased, authoritative source within the informatics community and the health care industry. AMIA and its members are transforming healthcare through trusted science, education, and practice in biomedical and health informatics.

AMIA is the professional home of leading informaticians: clinicians, scientists, researchers, educators, students, and other informatics professionals who rely on data to connect people, information, and technology.

AMIA supports a broad community for interdisciplinary professionals and students interested in informatics. AMIA actively supports five domains across a continuum from basic and applied research, into clinical practice, and out to the consumer and public health arena. AMIA bridges the knowledge and collaboration in each of five domains: translational bioinformatics, clinical research informatics, clinical informatics, consumer health informatics, and public health informatics.

The inclusion of informatics in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 has given informatics a new prominence in the United States as the backbone of knowledge-driven health care. AMIA members support an array of ARRA grant projects in informatics, including:

  • DNA sequencing analysis (to better understand mutations);
  • disease and health, and;
  • electronic health records.

As the voice of the nation’s top biomedical and health informatics professionals, AMIA members play a leading role in:

  • moving basic research findings from bench to bedside;
  • evaluating interventions across communities;
  • assessing the impact of health innovations on health policy; and
  • advancing the field of informatics.

With members that include world-class scholars and practitioners, AMIA is leading the way in transforming health care through trusted science, education, and practice of informatics.

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